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MaP is a scientific network consisting of over 80 professors from 10 departments of ETH Zurich. The whole community includes all PhD students, Postdocs, and technical and scientific staff of the member research groups.

MaP Members by Department

Department Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering D-BAUG

Department of Biology D-BIOL

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Aebersold

Rudolf Aebersold

Molecular Systems Biology

Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering D-BSSE

Prof. Dr. Petra Dittrich

Petra Dittrich

Bioanalytics Groups

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hierlemann

Andreas Hierlemann

Bio Engineering Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences D-CHAB

Department of Health Sciences and Technology D-HEST

Prof. Dr. Stephen Ferguson

Stephen Ferguson

Orthopaedic Technology

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys

Alexander Mathys

Sustainable Food Processing

Prof. Dr. Ralph Müller

Ralph Müller

Bone Biomechanics

Prof. Dr. Erich Windhab

Erich Windhab

Food Process Engineering

Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering D-ITET

Prof. Dr. Lukas Novotny

Lukas Novotny

Photonics Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Tröster

Gerhard Tröster

Wearable Computing

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Wood

Vanessa Wood


Department of Materials D-MATL

Prof. Dr. Walter Caseri

Walter Caseri

Polymer Technology

Prof. Dr. Andrei Gusev

Andrei Gusev

Polymer Physics

Prof. Dr. Hans Christian Öttinger

Hans Christian Öttinger

Polymer Physics

Prof. Dr. Dieter Schlüter

Dieter Schlüter

Polymer Chemistry

Prof. Dr. André Studart

André Studart

Complex Materials

Prof. Dr. Peter Uggowitzer

Peter Uggowitzer

Metal Physics and Technology

Prof. Dr. Peter Walde

Peter Walde

Polymer Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Pietro Gambardella

Pietro Gambardella

Magnetism and Interface Physics

Prof. Dr. Laura Heydermann

Laura Heyderman

Mesoscopic Systems

Prof. Dr. Markus Niederberger

Markus Niederberger

Multifunctional Materials

Prof. Dr. Nicola Spaldin

Nicola Spaldin

Materials Theory

Prof. Dr. Ralph Spolenak

Ralph Spolenak


Prof. Dr. Theo Tervoort

Theo Tervoort

Soft Materials

Prof. Dr. Jan Vermant

Jan Vermant

Soft Materials

Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering D-MAVT

Department of Management, Technology and Economics D-MTEC

Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch

Elgar Fleisch

Information Management

Department of Physics D-PHYS

Prof. Dr. Klaus Ensslin

Klaus Ensslin


Prof. Dr. Ursula Keller

Ursula Keller

Ultrafast Laser Physics

Prof. Dr. Andreas Wallraff

Andreas Wallraff

Quantum Device Lab

Prof. Dr. Christian Degen

Christian Degen

Spin Physics and Imaging

Prof. Dr. Jérôme Faist

Jérôme Faist

Quantum Optoelectronics

Prof. Dr. Atac Imamoglu

Atac Imamoglu

Quantum Photonics

Prof. Dr. Danilo Pescia

Danilo Pescia

Microstructure Research

Prof. Dr. Matthias Troyer

Matthias Troyer

Computational Physics

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