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3 day workshop given by PhDs for PhDs working in the field of Raman Spectroscopy. After a successful launch of this workshop in 2016, we are happy to announcing the second edition of this format which will take place from 6-8 June 2017 at ETH Hönggerberg.

Raman Microscopy Workshop 2017

6-8 June 2017
ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg Campus, HCI J 7

program (PDF, 184 KB)

Registration Deadline:

23 May 2017

The Raman Microscopy Workshop 2017 at ETH Zurich is intended to continue the success in 2016 (link to 2016 Raman Microscopy Workshop). This year’s workshop aims to maintain the network of active researchers working with Raman Spectroscopy in Switzerland and to gain further insights into the various techniques and applications in science and engineering.

In the field of materials research and characterization, Raman Spectroscopy, with its various specifications like near field techniques (SERS, TERS) and in combination with non-chemical characterization methods (SEM, AFM) finds various applications.

Bringing together researchers from different groups and with different backgrounds in this broad and diverse field will strengthen collaborative research and exchange of ideas.

This workshop features hands-on sessions, with a practical guidance and time for detailed questions concerning measurement setups. A special focus is put on applications of Raman Microscopy in material and bio-sciences, and the workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas between participants.

This workshop is designed for PhD students and researchers who actively use Raman Spectroscopy to address a scientific problem.

ETH Raman Microscopy Workshop


  • Physical background of Raman Spectroscopy and related techniques
  • Applications in materials & bio-sciences
  • New developments in instrumentation
  • Combined and in-operando measurement systems
  • Scientific exchange between the researchers


  • Deadline: 23 May 2017
  • Fees: none. Many thanks to the SUK Programme of swissuniversities which kindly supports this workshop.
  • Registration: please fill this form (


ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg Campus, HCI J 7


For further information please send us an

Organizing Team:

Jakub Jagielski, Tian Tian & Dr. Wen-Yueh Yu (Lab for Interface and Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials)

Many thanks to the PhD program of swissuniversities which kindly supports this workshop!

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