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The listed events are a collection of activities organized by MaP and its members. Further below, selected national and international events with relevance to materials and processes are listed.

MaP Events

Date Event Time Location
02.05.2017 MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series with Dr. Markus Müller (Sonova) 16.15 HG E 1.1
ETH Zentrum
03.05.2017 Polymer Chemistry in Materials Science Lecture by Brigitte Voit, IFP Dresden (details (PDF, 2.1 MB))
17.00 HCI G 7
ETH Hönggerberg
09.05.2017 MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series with Prof. Dr. Michael C. McAlpine (University of Minnesota) 16.15 HG E 1.1
ETH Zentrum
16.05.2017 MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series with Prof. Dr. Kristina Shea (ETH Zurich) 16.15 HG E 1.1
ETH Zentrum
23.05.2017 MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series with Dr. Matthias Hoebel (GE Power) 16.15 HG E 1.1
ETH Zentrum
30.05.2017 MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series with Axel Kruse (Sauber Motorsport AG) 16.15 HG E 1.1
ETH Zentrum
06.-08.06.2017 Raman Workshop 2017 organised by MaP Member group Interface & Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials (details) all day HCI J 7
ETH Hönggerberg
22.06.2017 MaP Graduate Symposium & MaP Award Ceremony 2017 - The 12th Annual Gathering of Materials and Processes Researchers at ETH Zürich (details) all day ETH Zentrum
29.06.2017 MaP PhD-Postdoc Workshop on "Scientific Graphics" tba ETH Hönggerberg
20.-25.08.2017 CSF Conference on Quantum Nanophotonics organised by MaP Member Prof. Lukas Novotny (details) all day Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona
29.08.2017 ETH Industry Day (details) 13.00 ETH Zurich
10.-15.09.2017 ETH Week 2017 - Manufacturing the Future (details) all day ETH Zurich
13.-15.09.2017 International Conference on Additive Manufacturing in Products and Applications (AMPA) (details) all day ETH Zurich
05.-10.11.2017 CSF Conference on Soft Matter Interfaces: From Biology to Engineering Applications by MaP Member Prof. Jan Vermant (details) all day Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Ascona

Selected national and international events with relevance to materials and processes

Date Event Location
26.-28.04.2017 3rd International Conference on Smart Materials and Surfaces (SMS Europe) 2017 & European Graphene Forum (EGF) 2017 (details)
02.05.2017 EPFL MicroNanoFabrication Annual Review Meeting 2017 (details) Lausanne
17.-18.05.2017 23rd Swiss Conference on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (SSB+RM2017): Advances in Antimicrobial Biomaterials (details) St. Gallen
01.-02.06.2017 Swiss NanoConvention (SNC) 2017 (details) Fribourg
11.-15.06.2017 7th International Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design (details) Albufeira, Algarve
12.-14.06.2017 CCMX Advanced Course "Field & Pressure Assisted Sintering" (details) Lausanne
11.-16.06.2017 E-MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit 2017 (details) Strasbourg (France)
21.-23.06.2017 EuroNanoForum 2017 (details) Vlletta
26.-28.06.2017 CCMX Advanced Course "Powder Characterisation & Dispersion" (details) Lausanne
02.-07.07.2017 FEBS Workshop on Biological Surfaces & Interfaces: Interface Dynamics (details) Sant Feliu
27.08.-01.09.2017 European Aerosol Conference EAC 2017 (details) Zurich
28.-30.08.2017 CCMX Summer School on "Characterisation of Materials" (details) Lausanne
04.-15.09.2017 ETH EXCITE - 11th Zurich Summer School on Biomedical Imaging (details) Zurich
11.-12.09.2017 Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium (AAMS) 2017 (details) Dübendorf
12.-15.09.2017 International Congress "Non-Ferrous Metals & Minerals" (details) Krasnoyarsk
17.-22.09.2017 FEMS Euromat 2017 - European Congress & Exhibition on Advanced Materials & Processes (details) Tessaloniki (Greece)
19.-20.09.2017 Swiss MedTech Expo: Focus Topic "Advanced Manufacturing" (details) Luzern
27.-29.09.2017 CCMX Advanced Course "Instrumented Nanoindentation" (details) Lausanne
05.10.2017 CCMX General Meeting 2017 Dübendorf
27.-29.11.2017 CCMX Advanced Course "Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Methods for Coatings: Strain, Defects and Deformation Analysis of Thin Films" Dübendorf
07.-12.01.2018 CCMX Winter School on "Nanoparticles: from Fundamentals to Applications in Life Sciences" Kandersteg
14.-16.08.2017 Biointerfaces International 2018 Conference (details) Zurich

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