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Sandbox events are 1-day brainstorming sessions with the aim to generate collaborative project ideas. Events are topic-based and take place once a year.  


  • networking among faculty members with different expertise
  • generating new project ideas arising from discussion in interdisciplinary teams


Sandbox events address professors and senior scientists from within the network, who are interested in the topic. Additionally, selected guests from other academic institutions and industry are invited.


During a one-day meeting, project ideas are generated in brainstorming sessions. Some of these ideas are then worked out in more details in teams. The different research proposals are presented towards the end of the meeting and discussed by the participants.


  • the topic is approached from different perspectives because of the broad range of expertise
  • being away from the office stimulates a creative brainstorming process
  • a very short time is enough to generate the basis for one or more project proposals

Previous Sandbox Events:

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Sandbox 2016

(Bio)medical Devices & Health Care Technologies

participants of Sandbox 2016  
Participants of Sandbox 2016

Sandbox 2015

3D Nano- & Microstructures

participants of Sandbox 2015  
Participants of Sandbox 2015

Sandbox 2014

Manufacturing across Scales

(the the framework of the "Manufacturing across Scales" initiative)

Sandbox 2014  
Participants of Sandbox 2014

Sandpit 2006-2013

From 2006 to 2013 the Materials Research Center (MRC), which is one of MaP's predecessors, organised Sandpit events on the following topics:

  • 2013: Materials for Energy Conversion
  • 2012: Materials Processing on the Micro and Nano Scale
  • 2011: Functional Coatings & Surface Treatments
  • 2010: Materials in Medical Use
  • 2009: Smart Materials (on the occasion of the NFP 62)
  • 2008: Materials for Mobile Energy Storage
  • 2006: Materials and Imaging (2-day event)
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