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Additive Manufacturing (AM) / 3D Printing has the potential to fundamentally change research and manufacturing. Our AM Interest Group connects all members at ETH involved in 3D printing.

The use of additive manufacturing (AM) continues to rise among students and scientists at ETH Zurich. In order to connect the 3D printer users and scientists who pursue research in the field of additive manufacturing, the ETH AM Interest Group has been created. This is a platform to exchange know-how and experiences as well as to interlink research projects following common strategies, thereby fostering innovation and pioneering research in the AM field. A further objective of this platform is an up-to-date status on available AM infrastructure which enables an efficient resource planning within the community.

Overview AM Activities at ETH Zurich

List of ETH research groups involved in AM:
ETH AM Overview (PDF, 107 KB)

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Previous Activities:

MaP AM Talk by Prof. Peter Olmsted

On 20 June 2017, Prof. Peter Olmsted (Georgetown University) gave in-depth insights into the "Polymer Physics of Additive Manufacturing using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)". announcement (PDF, 3.4 MB)

AM Talk "Laser Surface Engineering at Oerlikon Metco AG"

On 6 June 2017, Dr. Arkadi Zikin introduced technology, materials, equipment and application of laser cladding, ID cladding, direct metal deposition, additive manufacturing, laser hardening and laser surface re-melting. flyer (PDF, 415 KB)

MaP Lecture Series on "Additive Manufacturing" 2017

After the great success of the launch of the MaP AM Lecture in 2016, MaP, together with Prof. Mirko Meboldt and Prof. André Studart, has organised a new program with novel AM topics and different speakers in its second series of lectures in spring semester 2017. further information

Abendgespräch "Additive Fertigung in der Serienproduktion"

On 27 October 2016, MaP member Prof. Mirko Meboldt in collaboration with the ETH Erfa group PIM (Production and Information Management) organised an expert talk on "Additive Manufacturing for Serial Production" (further information).

1st Doctoral Summer School on AM of Polymeric Materials

On 5-9 September 2016, MaP PhD Students Matti Kesti & Mischa Müller co-organised with colleagues at EPFL the first summer school on "AM of Polymeric Materials (summer school website).

MaP Lecture Series on "Additive Manufacturing" 2016

In the framework of the ETH initiative to build a strong AM Interest Group, together with Prof. Mirko Meboldt and Prof. André Studart, MaP has organised for spring semester 2016 the first MaP Distinguished Lecture Series on "Additive Manufacturing". further information

Kick-off event ETH AM Interest Group on 23 September 2015 (HG F 30, Audimax)

The ETH AM Interest Group was initiated by: PDZ (Prof. Meboldt), ETH Domain of VP Human Resources and Infrastructure (Dr. Müller), iwf (Prof. Wegener) and BWI (Prof. Schönsleben).

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