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Roughly 80 groups at ETH Zurich are currently pursuing research in the area of Materials and Processes. This effort involves over 450 PhD students and permanent scientists and engineers in 10 departments.

Listed below are the research groups within the MaP network in alphabetical order of the groups names. The short descriptions and keywords give an overview on the major research activities of the respective groups and more detailed information can be found in the research profiles and by following the links to the group websites.

ETH Advanced Catalysis Engineering

Advanced Catalysis Engineering  

Prof. Javier Pérez-Ramírez  

web profile (PDF, 440 KB)

Design of new heterogeneous catalysts and reactor engineering concepts devoted to sustainable technologies. Target is to establish structure-performance relations over industrially-relevant systems such as hierarchically-organized, size-controlled, composite and hybrid materials.

catalyst design / reactor engineering / energy / environment

Advanced Semiconductor Quantum Materials 

Prof. Werner Wegscheider 


Fabrication and characterization of ultra-pure semiconductor heterostructures by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Interested in optical and electronic properties of these structures.

molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) / semiconductor heterostructures / thin films / quantum dots

ETH Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory

Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems 

Prof. Konstantinos Boulouchos 

web profile (PDF, 126 KB)

Fundamental investigation of chemically reactive flows using numerical simulation and contactless optical diagnostics. This knowledge is then applied to optimize combustion systems towards the realisation of "zero"-emission technologies.

reactive thermo-fluidic systems / turbulent combustion / systems assessment / simulation

ETH Analog and Mixed Signal Design

Analog and Mixed Signal Design 

Prof. Qiuting Huang 


Specialisation in analysis, design and optimisation of state-of-the-art integrated circuits for a broad range of applications such as wireless and wireline communication, high-speed computing, sensor interfaces and smart power.

integrated circuits / wireless communications / analog & mixed signal design

ETH Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology

Applied Mechanobiology 

Prof. Viola Vogel 

web profile (PDF, 528 KB)

Exploit nanotechnology tools to decipher how bacteria, mammalian cells, and micro-tissues take advantage of mechanical forces to recognize and respond to material properties in their native environments.

biophysics / protein mechanics / cell-pathogen interactions / extracellular matrix cues / nano- & microfabrication / molecular bioengineering / tissue engineering

ETH Bio Engineering Laboratory

Bio Engineering Laboratory

Prof. Andreas Hierlemann

web profile (PDF, 162 KB)

Development and application of microtechnological, microfulidic and microelectronic technologies to address questions in biology and biomedicine.

microtechnology / microfluidics / microtissues / cells / neuroscience

ETH Bioanalytics


Prof. Petra S. Dittrich 

web profile (PDF, 310 KB)

Development of miniaturized devices (so-called lab-on-chip technology or microfluidics) for bioanalytical and diagnostic applications. An interdisciplinary approach combines chemical, physical, biological and engineering aspects of microfluidic-based technology.

lab-on-chip technology / microfluidics / single cells / minimal cells & liposomes / nanowires / sensors

ETH Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering   

Prof. Paolo Arosio 

web profile (PDF, 741 KB)

Interdisciplinary research at the interfaces between chemical engineering, biochemistry and biophysics advancing both experimental characterization and theoretical models in biomolecular physical chemistry to solve concrete problems in biomedical and pharmaceutical biotechnology, with a special emphasis on protein self-assembly.

amyloids / protein aggregation / therapeutic proteins / protein-protein interactions

ETH Bioprocess Laboratory

Bioprocess Laboratory 

Prof. Sven Panke 

web profile (PDF, 123 KB)

Design of novel bioprocesses for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry by addressing fundamental issues in biocatalyst discovery, biocatalyst and process engineering.

synthetic biology / screening / nanoliter reactors

ETH Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 

Prof. Janos Vörös

web profile (PDF, 152 KB)

Development of bioelectronic systems (e.g. nanotechnology-based techniques for biosensing), which help to interface the biotic and abiotic world.

biosensors / bioelectronics / interfacing biology (FluidFM) / biomedical devices / building controlled neural networks

ETH Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 

Prof. Martin Fussenegger 


Interdisciplinary systems approach, implementing progress in basic research (biopharmaceutical manufacturing, gene therapy and tissue engineering) to achieve generic and prototypic advances in human therapy.

biotechnology / gene therapy / microtissues

ETH Bone Biomechanics

Bone Biomechanics 

Prof. Ralph Müller 

web profile (PDF, 497 KB)

Quantification and modeling of bone at the molecular, cellular, and organ level incorporating novel principles and techniques of mechanics, imaging, and in silico modeling applied to the areas of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, systems medicine and mechanobiology.

bioimaging / modeling / tissue engineering / regenerative medicine / mechanobiology / materials characterisation

ETH Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration

Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration 

Prof. Marcy Zenobi-Wong 

web profile (PDF, 250 KB)

Development of biomaterials for use in regenerative medicine, with a particular emphasis on cartilage engineering. The ultimate goal is to develop clinically-compliant strategies for tissue regeneration and repair.

tissue engineering / biofabrication / cartilage / hydrogels / stem cells

ETH Chemical Reaction and Separation Engineering

Chemical Reaction and Separation Engineering 

Prof. Massimo Morbidelli 

web profile (PDF, 55 KB)

Research in areas related to polymer and colloid science and engineering, combining a variety of experimental techniques for polymers and particles characterisation with advanced mathematical modeling techniques.

colloidal stability / aggregation / porous materials / living polymerization / mathematical models

ETH Complex Materials

Complex Materials 

Prof. André Studart 

web profile (PDF, 664 KB)

Investigation of new processing routes for the fabrication of artificial complex materials that combine some of the exquisite structural features found in natural biological materials with the wealth of chemical compositions available for the manufacture of synthetic materials.

hybrid materials / microfluidics / complex multiscale structures / colloids / materials processing

ETH Structure Technologies

Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures

Prof. Paolo Ermanni

web video

Functional materials, innovative composites solutions and structural mechanics by exploring the relation between materials, manufacturing and design of composite based structural systems with better performance and novel functionalities.

composite materials / process technologies / smart structures / adaptive structural systems

Computational Modeling of Materials in Manufacturing 

Prof. Dirk Mohr


Development of experimentally-validated computational models to enable the optimal design and manufacturing of lightweight materials and structures that are subject to extreme loading conditions in real-life applications.

plasticity / fractures / metallic cellular solids / experimental dynamics

ETH Computational Physics

Computational Physics 

Prof. Matthias Troyer

web profile (PDF, 71 KB)

Large-scale computational efforts and development of new object oriented parallel simulation codes to push the boundary of knowledge ranging from physics of complex many-body systems to interdisciplinary problems of dynamic ecosystems.

numerical simulation / physics / correlated matter / quantum computing

ETH Computational Physics for Engineering Materials

Computational Physics for Engineering Materials 

Prof. Hans Herrmann

web profile (PDF, 863 KB)

Development and application of numerical methods and simulations to various research fields, such as complex fluids, engineering materials, and general questions of statistical physics.

materials modeling / statistical physics / complex physics

ETH Computational Science and Engineering

Computational Science and Engineering 

Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos

web profile (PDF, 361 KB)

Multiscale modeling and simulation with an emphasis on fluid mechanics, biology, nanotechnology and in particular their interfaces.

nanoscale fluid mechanics / high performance computing / uncertainty quantification

ETH Drug Formulation and Delivery

Drug Formulation and Delivery 

Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux

web profile (PDF, 225 KB)

Focus on drug formulation and delivery. Interest in design of new carriers and materials for various pharmaceutical applications such as drug detoxification and treatment of celiac disease.

drug delivery / drug targeting / biomaterials / biodetoxification / gel / nanopharmaceutics

ETH Electrochemical Materials

Electrochemical Materials 

Prof. Jennifer L.M. Rupp

web profile (PDF, 243 KB)

Investigation of metal oxides materials for applications in computer memories, logics, energy storage and conversion. These versatile applications of metal oxides come from fundamental materials transport properties in bulk and at interface, which are studied to enhance specific device performance.

metal oxides / energy storage & conversion / information storage / thin films

ETH Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion 

Prof. Reza S. Abhari

web profile (PDF, 340 KB)

Broad range of activities in multidisciplinary fields, including turbomachinery, instrumentation, plasma science, wind energy, energy economics and policy.

turbomachinery / instrumentation / plasma science / wind energy / energy infrastructure & planning

ETH Energy Science and Engineering

Energy Science and Engineering 

Prof. Christoph Müller 

web profile (PDF, 493 KB)

Research projects towards reduction of anthropogenic CO2 emissions by capturing CO2 emitted during the combustion of fossil fuels, catalytic conversion of CO2 into useful chemicals or fuels, dehydrogenation of alkanes and sustainable production of fuels and chemicals from biomass.

CO2 capture / biomass conversion / catalysis / hydrocarbons / redox reactions / CO2 conversion / discrete element modeling / direct numerical simulations / magnetic resonance imaging / gas-solid

ETH Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory

Engineering Design and Computing

Prof. Kristina Shea


Development of cutting-edge computational models, methods and tools that enable the design of more innovative and complex engineered systems and products.

computational design synthesis & optimisation / model-based design / systems engineering / design-to-fabrication / additive manufacturing (AM) / mechatronics / robotics

ETH Experimental Continuum Mechanics

Experimental Continuum Mechanics

Prof. Edoardo Mazza

web profile (PDF, 313 KB)

Experimental methods & models are developed to study the mechanical behaviour of highly deformable biological & synthetic materials for medical applications including diagnosis, surgery planning, tissue replacement & implant development.

biomechanics / mechanobiology / soft materials / mechanical biocompatibility / constitutive modeling / inverse problem

ETH Food and Soft Materials

Food and Soft Materials 

Prof. Raffaele Mezzenga 

web profile (PDF, 265 KB)

Understanding of structure-properties relationships of complex food systems at a very fundamental level, as well as in the study of their synthetic counterparts, which are used as model reference systems.

surfactants / polymers / proteins / amyloid fibers / liquid crystals / supramolecular materials

ETH Food Process Engineering

Food Process Engineering 

Prof. Erich Windhab & Prof. Peter A. Fischer 


Explore process-structure-property relationships of food and other biomaterials systems on multi-scale from the molecular to the macro-disperse level, connecting the areas of process engineering and material sciences.

functional biostructure- & food processing / microfluidics / bulk & interfacial rheology / soft matter physics

Functional Inorganic Materials 

Prof. Maksym Kovalenko 


Focus on challenges related to the chemistry, physics and applications of inorganic nanostructures. Central is the synthesis of inorganic nanocrystals ("NCs") and the integration and/or self-assembly of NCs into multifunctional solid-state structures.

nanocrystals / synthesis / self-assembly / energy conversion & storage

ETH Functional Materials

Functional Materials 

Prof. Wendelin J. Stark

web profile (PDF, 918 KB)

Application-oriented research in the area of nanomaterials, focusing on the ecotoxicological effects of nanomaterials, their design and synthesis, and potential applications in the field of medicinal applications, catalysis or sensors.

nanoparticles / biomaterials / graphene / nanomagnets

ETH Information Management

Information Management 

Prof. Elgar Fleisch 

web profile (PDF, 129 KB)

Focus on understanding the ongoing merge of digital and physical work in the dimensions of technology, applications and implications as well as leveraging this understanding in the design of new technologies and applications, for the benefit of economy and society.

internet of things / information systems / behavioural economics / advanced analytics

ETH Interface and Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials

Interface and Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials 

Prof. Chih-Jen Shih

web profile (PDF, 417 KB)

Focus on uncovering fundamental physics and chemistry at nanomaterials surfaces and interfaces with the aim to develop engineering strategies that allow integrating nanomaterials into existing devices and technologies.

interface engineering / nanomaterials processing / energy / optoelectronics

ETH Interfaces, Soft Matter and Assembly

Interfaces, Soft Matter and Assembly

Prof. Lucio Isa

web profile (PDF, 126 KB)

Investigation of the behaviour of micro and nanoparticles, or colloids, under confinement at the interface between two fluids (e.g. air-water or oil-water).

soft matter / colloids / fluid interfaces / rheology / wetting

ETH Machine Tools and Manufacturing

Machine Tools and Manufacturing

Prof. Konrad Wegener


Focus on machine tools, manufacturing processes and process chains, as well as methods for development, evaluation and optimisation of production machinery, one of the missions being the transfer of methods and scientific results to industry.

simulation / precision machining / control components / micro-machining / laser processes

ETH Magnetism and Interface Physics

Magnetism and Interface Physics

Prof. Pietro Gambardella

web profile (PDF, 392 KB)

Investigation of magnetic phenomena in thin films and nanometer-sized systems with tailored structural and electronic properties.

magnetism / spintronics / thin films / surfaces / STM / MOKE / XMCD / PVD / MBE

ETH Materials Theory

Materials Theory

Prof. Nicola Spaldin

web profile (PDF, 94 KB)

Combination of first-principles and phenomenological theoretical techniques to study the fundamental physics of novel materials that have potential technological importance.

density functional theory / complex oxides / multiferroics / strongly correlated materials

ETH Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics

Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics

Prof. Jürg Dual

web profile (PDF, 423 KB)

Analytical and numerical modeling of mechanical systems and corresponding experiments. Focus on dynamic sensing of fluid properties (density, viscosity, viscoelasticity), design of devices for ultrasonic particle manipulation, study of wave propagation in structures, and time-dependent phenomena in snow mechanics.

wave propagation / vibrations in water turbines / complex fluids / viscometry / nondestructive testing / acoustofludicis & acoustophoresis

ETH Mesoscopic Systems

Mesoscopic Systems

Prof. Laura Heyderman

web profile (PDF, 282 KB)

Novel magnetic thin film and nanoscale systems, which are investigated with the large scale facilities at PSI. The focus is on artificial ferroic systems, e.g. hybrid magnetic systems and artificial spin systems.

magnetic thin films / nanostructures & devices / large scale facility measurements

ETH Metal Physics and Technology

Metal Physics and Technology

Prof. Jörg F. Löffler & Prof. Peter Uggowitzer

web profile (PDF, 328 KB)

Development of new metallic materials and discovery and exploration of new phenomena in metal physics and technology via detailed characterisation of these materials and modeling.

alloys / light metals / magnetism / processing / optics / metallic glasses / biomaterials / materials analysis

ETH Micro and Nanosystems

Micro and Nanosystems

Prof. Christofer Hierold

web profile (PDF, 305 KB)

Exploration of new methods and processes for the utilization of unique functional properties of micro and nano-scaled materials for process and system integration.

MEMS / NEMS / carbon nanotubes (CNT) / polymer MEMS / microsystems / thermoelectric microgenerators

ETH Microfluidics and Nanoscale Science

Microfluidics and Nanoscale Science

Prof. Andrew deMello

web profile (PDF, 180 KB)

Broad range of activities in microfluidics and nanoscale science, such as for example microfluidic devices for high-throughput biological and chemical analysis or ultra-sensitive optical detection techniques.

microfluidics / high-throughput / miniaturisation / droplets / nanoparticles / single cells

ETH Microstructure Research

Microstructure Research

Prof. Danilo Pescia


Investigation of how the physics of objects looks like if one or more spatial dimensions are reduced to a few 1000 atoms (mesoscopic scales) down to a few atoms (nanoscale).

near field emission scanning electron microscopy (NFESEM) / scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) / scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

ETH Molecular Systems Biology

Molecular Systems Biology

Prof. Rudolf Aebersold

web profile (PDF, 94 KB)

By developing and applying a combination of specific sample preparation approaches, different mass spectrometry methods, and analysis by computational tools, the group is working on a platform for protein biomarker discovery, which supports the early and accurate diagnosis of many diseases.

microbial proteomics / signal transduction / biomarkers

ETH Multifunctional Ferroic Materials

Multifunctional Ferroic Materials

Prof. Manfred Fiebig

web profile (PDF, 124 KB)

Investigation of materials where strong coupling between electrons leads to novel types of ordering processes of its spins and charges. Both their fundamental physics as well as their technological potential are studied.

magnetism / multiferroics / oxides / interfaces / ultrafast dynamics / nonlinear optics

ETH Multifunctional Materials

Multifunctional Materials

Prof. Markus Niederberger & Prof. Walter Caseri

web profile (PDF, 341 KB)

Development of generalized synthesis strategies to inorganic functional nanomaterials, their assembly into superstructures and their processing.

nanoparticles / metal oxides / sol-gel synthesis / aerogels / metal foams / nanocomposites

ETH Multi-Scale Robotics

Multi-Scale Robotics

Prof. Bradley Nelson

web profile (PDF, 255 KB)

Advanced robotics for creating intelligent machines that operate at micron and nanometer scales. Many of these systems are used for robotic exploration within biomedical and biological domains.

microrobotics / nanorobotics / MEMS / NEMS / magnetics


Prof. Vanessa Wood


Investigation of the potential of nanostructured materials in electronic devices at each point in the energy life-cycle - collection, storage, and usage.

mnanostructured materials / electronic properties / energy life-cycle

ETH Nanometallurgy


Prof. Ralph Spolenak

web profile (PDF, 389 KB)

Research on thin films, in which at least one critical dimension is in the nanometer regime and significantly influences the behaviour of materials.

thin films / metals / nanostructures / mechanical properties / microstructure control / functional properties / semiconductors & oxides

ETH Nanophysics


Prof. Klaus Ensslin

web profile (PDF, 105 KB)

Preparation of ultra-small semiconductor and graphene structures with the aim to investigate experimentally new, unusual and unexpected physical systems at the crossover between classical physics and quantum physics.

semiconductors / quantum dots / nanoscale physics

ETH Nanoscience for Energy Technology and Sustainability

Nanoscience for Energy Technology and Sustainability

Prof. Hyung Gyu Park

web profile (PDF, 154 KB)

Fundamental nanoscience for energy and clean technologies applications, using various nanofluidic, optoelectronic and electrochemical platforms comprised of graphene, 2D materials and carbon nanotubes.

nanomaterial / graphene / carbon nanotube / nanofluidics / plasmonics / energy & clean technology

ETH Nanotechnology


Prof. Andreas Stemmer


Nanoscale science and technology, with a special focus on surface analysis and development of advanced sensing techniques, bottom-up nanofabrication processes, biofuel cells and development of advanced light microscopy techniques.

advanced microscopy / instrumentation / biofuel cells / patterning & directed assembly

ETH Optical Materials Engineering

Optical Materials Engineering

Prof. David Norris

web profile (PDF, 98 KB)

Investigation of how materials can be engineered to create new and useful optical properties for energy applications. Specifically, the aim is to understand man-made semiconductor and metallic nano- and microstructures.

optical materials / semiconductor nanocrystals / plasmonics / thermophotovoltaics

ETH Optical Nanomaterial

Optical Nanomaterial

Prof. Rachel Grange

web profile (PDF, 133 KB)

Focus on material investigations at the micro- and nanoscale with the goal to understand the behaviour of oxide materials for developing applications in optoelectronics or bioimaging.

nonlinear photonics / oxide particle / niobate nanowire / multiphoton imaging / second-harmonic generation

ETH Orthopaedic Technologies

Orthopaedic Technology

Prof. Stephen Ferguson

web profile (PDF, 523 KB)

Development of new technologies to understand the causes of musculoskeletal diseases and to work towards new treatments. The research combines basic orthopaedic sciences, biology and engineering, plus their transformation into clinical applications.

injectable cements / textiles / tissue engineering / electrospinning / inflammation control

ETH Particle Technology Laboratory

Particle Technology

Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis

web profile (PDF, 255 KB)

Specialisation on gas-phase (aerosol) processes for nanoparticle synthesis with closely controlled size, morphology and composition, focusing on product discovery and quantitative understanding for process scale-up by systematic experiments and simulations.

nanoparticles / films / catalysts / flame reactor / TiO2 / SiO2 / coatings / gas sensors / nutrition / core-shell structures

ETH Photonics


Prof. Lukas Novotny

web profile (PDF, 196 KB)

Making use of the unique optoelectronic properties of nanomaterials, such as two-dimensional materials, nanowires and nanoparticles, quantum dots and organic molecules.

nano-optofluidics / nanophotonics / near-field microscopy / laser trapping & cooling / nanoparticle detection / plasmonics / sensing

Physical Chemistry of Building Materials

Prof. Robert Flatt


Research in three main areas of focus: colloidal and interfacial science applied to construction materials in order to increase their sustainability, the processing of construction materials, and materials science of conservation and repair.

building materials / properties / sustainable construction / rheology / cementitious materials

ETH Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Prof. A. Dieter Schlüter & Prof. Peter Walde

web profile (PDF, 429 KB)

Synthetic and supramolecular chemistry, directed towards the creation of structurally novel polymers and defined supramolecular structures.

synthesis / dendronized polymers / 2D polymers / Suzuki polycondensation / responsive materials

ETH Polymer Physics

Polymer Physics

Prof. Hans-Christian Öttinger, Prof. Martin Kröger & Prof. Andrei Gusev

web profile (PDF, 135 KB)

Theory of simplification and illustrative and relevant applications of the general ideas and concepts. Focus on various aspects of coarse-graining, bridging scales, irreversible dynamic systems and nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamics.

nonequilibrium thermodynamics / coarse graining / soft matter / polymer physics / rheology

Product Development and Engineering

Prof. Mirko Meboldt


Methods and processes for product development and the development of new technologies and systems. The aim is to contribute to the innovative capability and competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry.

additive manufacturing (AM) / mechatronic machine elements / man-machine interaction

Quantum Condensed and Coherent Systems

Prof. Gianni Blatter


Theoretical studies on various types of systems, ranging from quantum coherent systems such as superconducting metals to vortices, which are an interesting soft matter systems with similarities to polymer physics. The second field of interest is mesoscopic physics.

theory / quantum phase transitions / vortices / mesoscopic physics

ETH Quantum Device Lab

Quantum Device Lab

Prof. Andreas Wallraff

web profile (PDF, 319 KB)

Research at the intersection of the fields of solid state physics, atomic physics and quantum optics covering areas such as quantum information processing, circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED), low loss materials and hybrid quantum systems.

quantum computing / cavity QED / superconducting & molecular electronics / low loss materials

ETH Quantum Optoelectronics

Quantum Optoelectronics

Prof. Jérôme Faist

web profile (PDF, 117 KB)

Unlock scientific and technological potential of mid-infrared and terahertz spectrum of electromagnetic radiation by combining confinement inside heterostructures with optical confinement at the micro and nanoscale, to create new devices where electron and photons flows are engineered.

frequency combs / THz lasers & technology / quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) for spectroscopy / metamaterials & ultra-strong coupling

ETH Quantum Photonics

Quantum Photonics

Prof. Atac Imamoglu


Focus on quantum optical phenomena of solid-state zero dimensional emitters, such as quantum dots or defects, embedded in photonic nano-structures.

quantum optics / semiconductors / mesoscopic physics / quantum information processing

ETH Renewable Energy Carriers

Reneweable Energy Carriers

Prof. Aldo Steinfeld

web profile (PDF, 423 KB)

Advancement of thermal and chemical engineering sciences applied to renewable energy technologies, e.g. solar power and fuels production, decarbonization and metallurgical processes, CO2 capture and recycling.

renewable energy technologies / solar power / fuels / thermal storage / heat transfer / thermochemistry / CO2 capture / recycling

ETH Soft and Living Materials

Soft and Living Materials

Prof. Eric Dufresne


Elucidate physics and design principles that govern the structure and properties of soft and living materials. Typically, this involves studying the basic physics of polymers and colloids, as these simpler systems are ideal for their tractability and clear demonstration of essential phenomena.

soft matter / polymers / colloids / soft interfaces / wetting / adhesion / biophotonics

ETH Soft Materials

Soft Materials

Prof. Jan Vermant & Prof. Theo Tervoort

web profile (PDF, 301 KB)

Investigation of fundamentals and engineering challenges of soft materials that embrace a wide variety of materials, ranging from colloids to polymers and surface-active materials such as phospholipids.

soft matter / colloids / polymers

ETH Spin Physics and Imaging

Spin Physics and Imaging

Prof. Christian Degen

web profile (PDF, 73 KB)

Conceiving and development of novel nanoscale sensors for force and magnetic field sensing. The sensing platforms include single defect spins in diamond (NV centers) and ultrasensitive silicon cantilevers.

nanoscale sensing / nanoscale NMR & MRI / diamond

ETH Surface and Interfacial Chemistry

Surface and Interfacial Chemistry

Prof. Christophe Copéret

web profile (PDF, 344 KB)

Development of single-site catalysts to combine the advantages of homogeneous (well-defined) and heterogeneous catalysts (better for process development) thereby bridging the gap between molecular and solid-state chemistry.

catalysis / surface chemistry / molecular chemistry / nanoparticles / spectroscopy

ETH Surface Science and Technology

Surface Science and Technology

Prof. Nicholas Spencer

web profile (PDF, 102 KB)

Focus on surface modification and analysis, lubricant surface chemistry (oil-based, water-based), development of platforms for studying surface interactions and advanced analytical and in situ sensing techniques.

surface-chemical modification / tribology / thin organic films / patterning & gradients

ETH Sustainable Food Processing

Sustainable Food Processing

Prof. Alexander Mathys

web profile (PDF, 384 KB)

System oriented approach in food production by combining mechanical, biotechnological, thermal & nonthermal techniques to realise biomass & energy use efficiency, waste reduction along the food value chain, and healthy & high quality food.

preservation / protein / sustainability / algae / insect / high pressure / micro process engineering

ETH Theory of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

Strongly Correlated Electrons

Prof. Manfred Sigrist

web profile (PDF, 271 KB)

Materials-oriented theoretical condensed matter physics with special focus on unconventional superconductivity, topological electronic systems, thermoelectricity and metal-insulator transitions and multiferroic spintronic systems and devices.

unconventional superconductivity / quantum phase transition / transport properties / topological phases

ETH Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies

Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies

Prof. Dimos Poulikakos


Research of interfacial phenomena in nanoscale deposition, CNT/graphene handling, characterisation and sensor development and nanoparticle beds for reforming in fuel cells.

deposition of nanostructures / dielectrophoresis / carbon nanotubes (CNT) / graphene / catalytic nanoparticles / nanoelectronics

ETH Trace Element and Micro Analysis

Trace Element and Micro Analysis

Prof. Detlef Günther

web profile (PDF, 287 KB)

Fundamental and application-oriented research projects aiming at accurately measuring major, minor, and trace element concentrations of solid materials, solutions, or single nanoparticles.

trace element micro analysis / isotope analysis / ICP-MS / ns-/fs-LA / computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

ETH Transport Processes and Reactions

Transport Processes and Reactions

Prof. Philipp Rudolf von Rohr

web profile (PDF, 342 KB)

Highly diversified research that is inspired by the manifold needs for process engineering. A special focus are plasma assisted processes to modify the surface properties of various materials.

plasma surface enhancement / plasma enhanced CVD / surface modification of powders / wettability / flowability / nanoparticles / inactivation of microorganisms / atmospheric & low pressure plasma

ETH Ultrafast Laser Physics

Ultrafast Laser Physics

Prof. Ursula Keller


Exploring and pushing the frontiers in ultrafast science and technology, e.g. the development of new semiconductor lasers or of instrumentation for extreme UV and soft-X-ray generation.

ultrafast lasers / short pulse generation from picosecond to attoseconds / semiconductor optoelectronic devices / ultrafast spectroscopy

ETH Virtual Manufacturing

Virtual Manufacturing

Prof. Pavel Hora


Focus on simulation and optimisation of metal forming processes, e.g. testing and modeling of mechanical behaviour of metals, or the tribology between tool and workpiece.

virtual process simulation / material models / tribology / innovative forming processes / adaptive process control

ETH Wearable Computing - Flexible Electronics

Wearable Computing - Flexible Electronics

Prof. Gerhard Tröster

web profile (PDF, 135 KB)

Development of thin-film transistors, sensors and complete integrated electronic circuits on free standing plastic foils that can be wrapped around a human hair while staying fully functional, and weaving them into fabrics.

flexible electronics / thin-film transistors (TFT) / oxide semiconductors / smart textiles

ETH Wood Materials Science

Wood Materials Science

Prof. Ingo Burgert

web profile (PDF, 133 KB)

Focus on the modification of wood and wood-based materials utilising biomimetic approaches and nano(bio)technology to improve the reliability of wood and optimize its property profile.

wood / cell wall modification / hybrid composites / smart wood devices / atomic force microscopy (AFM) & Raman analysis

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