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The Competence Center for Materials and Processes (MaP) is a collaborative network of scientists devoted to the development and understanding of new materials and processes at ETH Zurich. 

Without new materials and (nano- and micro)processes, many of the developments that we take for granted – telecommunications, sophisticated medicine, advanced building structures, functional food, modern cars, trains and airplanes, and computers – would not exist. In order to address the complexity of the current pressing challenges, crossdisciplinary collaboration is essential.

MaP includes over 80 research groups from 10 departments, synergistically combining a very broad expertise, thereby advancing science and promoting technology transfer. It promotes collaborative and crossdisciplinary research and education as well as the dialogue between academia and external stakeholders, such as industry or society in this field.

MaP was founded in October 2013 as a collaborative network of researchers at ETH Zurich. It was created from the merger of the Materials Research Center (MRC) and the Micro and Nano Science Platform (MNSP).

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