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The development of new materials and process technologies leads to innovations enabling many of the achievements of modern society. Their commercial success in turn depends on precise control and manipulation of materials and processes across multiple scales.

MaP brings together over 80 research groups working on questions relating to materials science and process engineering. This effort involves over 450 PhD students and permanent scientists and engineers in 10 departments.

Novel materials and process technologies drive innovations in focus areas including health, energy, communication and construction. The research activities within the MaP network thereby cover aspects from the fundamental understanding of molecular and atomic principles to the development of effective technical solutions for materials and processes.

Many of our engineers and scientists are actively involved in exploring the potential of Additive Manufacturing.

We work on the successful transfer of scientific innovation towards industrial manufacturing which requires controlled, reliable and scalable materials and processes while making efficient use of resources. This includes, for instance, the knowledge on complex materials systems and their integration into efficient process technologies by using computer-aided design methods and material flow planning. Within the framework of the ETH initiative "Manufacturing, Processes and Materials" we are working closely with industry for long-term competitiveness of the Swiss industry.

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